Parent Council Jolly Jar Request for Christmas Fayre

The Parent Council wish to sell Jolly Jars at the Christmas Fayre this year on Friday 7th December… Primary 6 classes have taken on the task of decorating and filling the jars.

Jolly Jam Jars are lovely lucky dip prizes and we are hoping to make them for our Christmas Fair this year.

Jolly jars are clean jam jars (or any glass jar with a lid), decorated by the children and filled with small toys and treats. They are then sold at the Christmas fair and are hugely popular with the children!

Decorating and filling the jars is great fun and a lovely way to get in to the festive spirit in the run up to the Fair.

The kind of items which are really popular are:

  • wrapped sweets or lollies
  • unused small toys – e.g. party-bag toys
  • balloons
  • hair accessories
  • toy jewellery
  • stickers
  • stationery

There are a few hints to making a successful jolly jam jar:

  • Please do not use jars that have contained vinegar or oil as the smell lingers and taints the goodies inside.
  • Wrapped sweets only please for hygiene purposes.
  • No nuts please

Jars can be decorated – either on the glass with sharpies / paint / glitter, or over the lid with tissue paper or patterned fabric, fixed with an elastic band.

Please help us to create as many jolly jars as we can for the St Mary’s (Leith) Primary School Christmas fair!

Thank you!