Rights Respecting Schools

As part of our journey towards being a Rights Respecting School, the Peace and Justice Group and each of our classes have been learning all about the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Peace and Justice group are our steering group and actively promote our rights and rights education in St. Mary’s.

Primary 2a looked at the right to grow up healthy, happy and safe – they looked at their first day of P1 photograph and compared it to now then wrote about how they had grown.

They also looked at how the convention applies to everyone no matter their race, skin colour, likes and dislikes and how we have the right to be different.  (Article 24 and Article 2).

Primary 3a- Through learning about rights in our community we considered the UNCRC, with particular focus on Articles: 19 (right to feel safe), 27 (right to safe shelter, food and water), 28 (right to education), 12 (right to have your voice heard) and 31 (right to play). Through this learning we looked at ways in which children’s rights were/were not met in our community. We also connected with our local MSP and police to have our voices heard and these rights reaffirmed.

Primary 3/4 and Primary 4 focused on Article 28 the right to education and Article… to practice your own religion/faith.

They looked at Eric Liddell at the start of their influential person topic and discussed how he refused to race on a certain day of the week because it was against his faith.