Fair Trade

Fair Trade School Uniform

We are delighted to be able to partner with KoolSkools as a supplier of Fair Trade school uniforms. If you want to buy items of school uniform, go to www.koolskools.co.uk and place your order and you can order items online that will come directly to your door!


1. There is no difference in quality between Fairtrade cotton and normal cotton. Fairtrade cotton means that we can be sure that the farmers who grow the cotton receive a fair and sustainable payment for their crop. Their communities also receive a premium for projects such as building schools, hospitals, access to clean water and so on.

2. Being “Fairtrade Cotton Certified” means that all parts of the manufacturing process of the Fairtrade cotton garments have been inspected and audited. The factories are signed up to Fairtrade Minimum Standards, designed to ensure that practices such as child labour and enforced overtime/long working hours don’t exist.

We hope to have some sample items in school shortly for you to see.

Here are some photographs of Koolskools visit to St. Mary’s in September.

Fair Trade Conference 2016

A few children from P6 and P7 were given the opportunity to go to a Fair Trade Conference.  There was lots of Fairtrade themed activities and they learnt all about the life cycle of the cocoa bean from a boy called Samuel from Ghana.

Have a read of their reflections of their days by clicking on the links: Mia Theresa Jemma Murray Louise