Eco Group

Eco Group

Congratulations to all the children, staff and parents at St. Mary’s for achieving our Green Flag. We are very proud of all the hard work everyone has done!

This year our Eco focuses are Litter, School Grounds and Sustaining our World:

  • Our children are excellent at putting their litter in the bin and we talk about how important it is not to litter in school a lot. Primary 5a are our playground litter monitors and they carry out a litter survey every term to monitor what they find.
  • Thanks to everyone who voted for our school in the Tesco Bags of Help competition in October last year, we won ¬£10000 to help improve our school grounds. There has been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes and we cannot wait to see all the improvements to our playground!
  • The Eco Group and Primary 6 have been learning a lot about Climate Change and how this affects our world. We have also been learning about our oceans and how plastic waste and microbeads are causing problems. Top tip- when you buy a face cream, a scrub or toothpaste, check the list of ingredients. If any of the words start with “poly” it has some plastics in it and isn’t very good for the environment.

Book Swaperama

Everyone had a great time at the book Swaperama during book week. Lots of children at St. Mary’s were able to bring in books they no longer read and swap them for a new book. We think it is great that so many of us are learning how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

What we do in school

Each class in the school has a different Eco responsibility around the school such as switching off lights, making sure the computers in the ICT suite are switched off, taking care of litter in our grounds and composting food waste from the dinner hall.

Primary 5b are also collecting old foreign coins and printer ink cartridges to be recycled. If you find yourself with some spare change after a holiday or you need to replace your printer ink cartridges, please send them into Primary 5b.

You may have noticed a rag bag container in the school playground, please consider putting any old clothes you no longer need into it and the school will benefit from recycling your old garments.

If you would like to come along to an Eco group meeting or can help with cardboard recycling, please contact Miss McConnell in the playground or via the office.