Primary 5b

Primary 5b

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January 17th, 2018

Happy New Year!

The children have been having fun playing in the snow today.

Nikki from the SSPCA came in to speak to us about the work they do with farm animals.  The children had to guess what some common farm animal implements were for.



It has been such a busy term so far.  Here is a link to our Contexts of Learning leaflet for this term.  Contexts of Learning (August – December) P5b Contexts of Learning Booklet Aug-Dec

We are really enjoying our topic called ‘Kidnapped’.  We’ve been busy looking for clues to solve the mystery of the kidnapped children.  Ms Artini loves the way it’s linked to so many Maths topics.

Here are some of our favourite parts –

“My favourite part was when we went on the database to find out about the suspects.”  Aalia

“My favourite part of the Kidnapped topic was finding out the scale of the muddy footprint because I love measuring things.”  Kel

“My favourite thing in the topic was when we got the message about the tyre track from the Police Chief.”  Dominik

“My favourite thing in the topic was the muddy footprint.  It was really fun to investigate.”  Marika


Last week was Money Week in our school.  We worked in our Thinking Groups to organise a family budget.


Monday was our Pebble Jar Treat.  We decided to go for a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  It was such a lovely day for a walk and we found almost everything on our list…except a woodpecker!