Primary 2a

June 2018

We had a lot of fun in healthy living week.  This is just a couple of the activities we did.  We loved the Judo and the Gaelic Football.


March 2018

Primary 2a are learning all about measure this week and next.  Today we were measuring things around the classroom using our hand spans and feet.


24th January – please click on the link below to open.  Thank you.

Contexts of Learning Booklet term 2

January 2018

Primary 2a have been learning all about the sun, earth and moon. They learned about how their movements relate to the length of a day, a month and a year.  They made a sun, earth and moon mobile to demonstrate how these move.


December 2017

The Nativity – Primary 2 sang so well.  They worked hard to learn all the songs and everyone said what great singers they were.