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January 2018

A warm welcome to all our new families. We hope you enjoy your time at St Mary’s (Leith).

Our new focus for learning is the Golden Rule  ” We can look after the property”

Our children are enjoying learning and expressing their own ideas about how we can look after our nursery, our community, our country and our world. The pre school children will present a service about what we have learned on Thursday22nd February at 9am. All are welcome to attend.

We recycled our bottle top lids to create a picture of the earth to display in our playground to remind us to look after our world. At first we were just using blue and green but then the children noticed that the map showed white for the ice and yellow for the sand, so we added those in too.

All our children are enjoying playing and learning to use the nursery resources well. Here one of our new children has remembered to put on a pinny and put paper on the easel before starting his beautiful painting.

Well done, children. You are playing and learning really well!



Dec 2017

We are enjoying getting ready for Christmas in the nursery.






24th August

Welcome back to our returning nursery children and their families and an especially warm welcome to our new children and their families.

At the moment we are getting to know one another and building new friendships. We look forward to a fun year as we grow and develop through our indoor and outdoor play.

Posts from 2016-17

6th June

We have been learning about coping with change and the transition to new schools and nurseries. The children are all positive about the new experiences and friendships ahead of them. Our trip to Yellowcraigs was a great success and a good chance to form new friendships.

Our last few weeks will focus on having fun and staying safe. We are encouraging the children to tell us about their thoughts and experiences using words, drawings and writing marks in their play.





11th May

We are enjoying learning about matching, sorting and same and different, with most of our learning taking place in the nursery garden or the local orchard. Our bug hotel is now up and running and the children have worked hard, sawing logs and selecting items which minibeasts would like.

21st April

We have had a super start to the Spring term, welcoming 4 new families to the nursery and two new babies to our existing nursery families.

This coming week is our Multlicultural week, and thereafter we will be exploring new life and baby animals.  Look out for the photos in your Learning Journals and don’t forget to leave a very short comment!

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Nursery Booklet A5 2015-16

21st March

Our new focus is  about being active and trying physical challenges. We will be reading stories about moving our bodies as well as trying and practising new things – from pushing, pulling, balancing on stilts and using bats and balls to managing our own coats and zips.










10th March

Our new focus is Stories from Around the World to tie in with World Book Day and the children have enjoyed dressing up and telling us about their favourite stories. We are also tasting breads from different countries and looking at the globe to  learn about different places that are important to us and our families.






2nd March

Congratulations to our pre school children who presented a wonderful service about Jasper’s Beanstalk and the importance of working hard, but also waiting for results. We all enjoyed  planting and measuring beans in the nursery as well as learning our new days of the week song to the tune of The Adams Family.











3rd February

We have had a busy start to the Spring term, celebrating Burns day and Chinese New Year as well as experimenting with patterns and sounds around us.  Now we are moving on to learning about measure in all areas of the nursery, at home and in our local environment.
























Nursery Booklet A5 2015-16